The idea of Vizo Smarthomes sparked in May 2015 in the midst of the economic slowdown. It was then that the founders realised that despite the financial downturn, one thing would never change – the need to live smarter and secure.

Vizo’s founders, Jeet , Vinita and Gopal started the company with a view to make peoples' lifestyle smarter and secure. They kick-started their operations in Kolkata with a simple yet effective solution – Internet Protocol (IP) based wireless home automation solutions with in-built intelligence to detect events automatically and respond on request. As the business started to take its shape, Vizo Smarthomes expanded its scope by entering into the sphere of home automation based on contemporary technologies such as wireless home automation and the Internet of Things.

Global access to the home automation system from the smart phone was first on the list of priorities for Vizo’s founders. They were keen on creating a generation of new-age automation where smart phones could be used to control all the appliances and devices in a house. The focus was also on being a ‘complete solutions company’ rather than being just a ‘product company’. Vizo’s objective is simple – to cater to an evolving Indian lifestyle, which demands a fresh approach, wherein a modern and traditional way of life can co-exist.

Within just few months Vizo Smarthomes has done a number of landmark projects in Kolkata. Moreover, we have created an entire new market for smart-homes in the whole eastern region of India.

Thats why we don't consider Vizo Smarthomes as a technology company but a lifestyle company which is changing the lifestyle of hundreds of people every month.