How many devices do you own that are connected to the Internet? A phone? Tablet? Laptop? Perhaps a Smart TV?

We are the common denominator of our ‘connected’ devices; they are all connected to us, but not to each other, resulting in a discord between the ‘connected dream’ and the current reality.

The thing is, we shouldn’t be the ones at the centre, trying to juggle increasing demands from an ever growing number of connected devices. We should be focusing on actually living instead of optimising, analysing and controlling every aspect of our lives.

We all agree that automation should be simple, yet the consumer is still faced with a maze of solutions. Within this maze, there are three discernible paths. Arguably, the route that’s most accessible to the majority of consumers is single solution or ‘point’ products.

Humans are storytellers by nature. We absorb and pass down information with meaning and emotion. We’re not programmed to focus on numbers. We simply want a warm, safe place to rest our head at the end of the day and if we can use technology to make our lives at home easier, safer and more comfortable, so much the better.

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