A. Yes, absolutely. We only deal-in with best home automation brands in the market like Fibaro, Vera, Samsumg, Yale etc. The main home automation app we offer is by Fibaro. It is very appealing graphically and intuitive for use. The app is very user friendly and easily used by anyone who knows how to operate Android or IOS mobiles. It can be used with multiple number of devices simultaneously.

A. You can find Fibaro home automation app in google playstore and IOS appstore. Apart from these you can also run this app from any computer by using a web browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

A. Our software uses triple layer security and 256 bit encryption in automation network. On top of that our installers are top level industry professionals who design your home automation and Wi-Fi network ensuring that there are no security loopholes.

A. One of the most beautiful features about Fibaro home automation gateway is that it not only allows you to control your home when you are around but also from any location in the world through internet. All you need to have is your smartphone, Fibaro app installed and an active internet connection.

A. Our home automation system is completely wireless and doesn’t require any wiring. Also it is a retrofit solution. That means, if you have already done the interior designing of your home then you don’t have to dig or drill your walls to install cables. Our Systems are so fast and easy to install that it can be installed in a day. And you can start using it instantly.

A. Unlike traditional wired automation systems where you have to install huge amounts for wiring and all components are permanent fixtures, our solutions are completely portable. Our hub, sensors, lighting relays, cameras everything is wireless so if you are shifting your home just unplug it, take it in your suitcase and install it in your new home.

A. Fibaro home automation app is completely  customize-able and runs on z-wave wireless protocol which is the fastest and most reliable protocol for smart homes. It is an open ecosystem protocol so you can add up any device from any other brand to your home automation system anytime. Also our gateway supports more than 160 plug-ins for different devices. We have voice command  and gesture based automation system which is unique for this industry at this time.

A. You don’t need to pay any monthly fee with our home automation system. It is only one time investment. All the products come with one year warranty. We offer free service and remote support for our customers for the first year. From second year we just charge you visiting charges for any support required.