Key Features
1. Four in 1
This lock can use fingerprint, card, pin or keys to unlock. Therefore, by investing a little more, you are able to access your door in almost every ways

2. Replace Roller Mortise (Besides the long bar)
If you have a long bar and you want to install a fingerprint lock without removing it. P718 is the perfect choice as their lockset can replace it without leaving any scars.

3. One opening action
Instead of pushing down your lever handle lock and push
the door. Samsung P717 can allow you to open your door by simply pushing it

4. The Clearance of the gate to door
Its only 6.3cm from the gate to the door, almost all the door in Singapore can install this lock without
worrying of hitting the gate as it is the slimmest mortise digital lock

5. Anti crowbar lockset
For both P718 and P717, their lockset have a anti crowbar ledge. Therefore, any locksmith or theft are unable to ply open from the side of the door as the ledge will force any obstruction out

Note: Only the authorize distributor have certify locksmith to unlock it. It is impossible to hire any locksmith to unlock the lock. Even if you destroy the surface, it will still be in a lock position

6. Welcome mode
When you walk towards the digital lock, it will automatic light up the screen for you to scan your card as there is a sensor to detect your present

7.  Durable Handle
You may check out the you tube as Samsung have conduct a test and this lock can withstand 10 times the usage of the normal lock

Product Review
You might heard of stories from parallel importers or a lot of sales talk saying this lock is unreliable and the fingerprint cap couldn't close properly and more

All I could say is, this lock is a killer to their business therefore lots of myths have to be created to add
uncertainties to persuade you not to buy this lock

Top 3  Myths
1. Fingerprint Cap cannot close  fully after scanning  fingerprint

All the fault for  this lock have been solved by us, therefore until now there is  no complain
to the locks we installed as we know the trick of solving the cap  closing  issues and more

2.  Handle might hit the gate

The clearance is  only 6.3cm, the slimmest digital lock. I cannot foresee how the digital lock
handle is ever going to reach the gate

3. Handle break  easily

Unless you use a hammer to unlock your door, otherwise, even if you open and close the door 100,00 times it will not drop.

Samsung have conduct a test shown in YouTube, to proof it

This is the most difficult to purchase Samsung Digital Lock in the entire 8 years of  history in Singapore and also in 2 months times, have will provide a service to  upgrade your firm ware to increase more passwords or card and unlock using your mobile from $350 onwards

So stay tune for the latest Samsung technology by unlocking your lock and other appliances using your
mobile phone

Products have arrive Singapore, now we are waiting for the completion of My Digital Lock - Mobile

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