“ We not only sell you just WiFi cameras but also set it up with you home automation system so that it is not only a wifi camera but it becomes also a smart camera with unlimited possiblities”

Watch Nest Cam: Download the new Nest app for iOS and Android or go to nest.com/home to control all your

Nest products. Click the camera icon to set up Nest Cam and watch your video feed.

Always know whos enters your house

We will connect your wifi camera with Fibaro home automation system. And your wi-fi camera will be able to work with all fibaro relays and sensors. In Case of any intrusion the wifi camera will alert you immidietly. Our motion & door sensors will immidietly send signal to fibaro home center gateway to send you an alert on your mobile and feed you the live video from your house or office. Thats how with with Vizo home automation you wifi camera is just a wifi camera but it is intelligently fuctional with a larger eco-system of smart devices which monitors and protect your property and family and contacts you immiedietly in case of any suspicious acitivty.

Talk to your family Members

Alwatys stay in touch with your family members with one tab in your mobile phone. With Vizo Smarthomes automation technology you can use your wifi cam as two way conference camera for video calls. Forget tradtional phone calls, skype, viber, whatsapp. Just tap into the smarthome app and connect to your family members instantly.