Vizo Home Automation System has been installed with remote controls at our home on every door, television, music system, bathroom and surrounding area.


This is for our convenience and full safety. The simplicity of smart lighting is what has provided the greatest benefit and has streamlined our lifestyle. One button press gets the party started, sets the perfect mood for dinner, or puts the house into "Away" mode. Moreover, it features unsurpassed quality, aesthetics and performance. We recommend Vizo Home Automation’s ‘Auto-Magic System’ to everyone for a smart-living experience.

Vivan Saraf, Manager

With smart timers, alerts, and synced appliances, now I and members of my family can spend less time turning things on and off and more time enjoying each other.


With the right oven, my wife can keep an eye on what’s cooking and I receive alerts about the food right from my phone. We also control all of the lights in the house from Vizo Touch Sceern and set up timers to lock doors, change the temperature of air condition, raise or lower blinds, and many other functions. Thank you Vizo Home Automation System.

Natasha Mehra, Consultant

Being the Working parent, we get exhausted by the end of the day. Up until we installed the smart interface offered by Vizo Home Automation System.


It was not very uncommon that when the madness of the day had ended and it was finally time to turn in for bed, I had forgotten to lock the doors, or turn out the lights, or adjust the temperature. But after installing the interface, I do not need to worry about the security and mechanisation of our home.

Jay Khanna, Designer