We are the team

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    Jeet (Founder)

    Jeet is an individual entrepreneur who has major interest in hi-tech industry and designing. Jeet has always had interest in architecture and interiors because of his passion for designing. He’s been always thinking how to come up with something where he can apply both of these skills and merge aesthetics with digital technology. In 2011 he came to know about home automation technology which makes life so easy and convenient. Since then hes be en a fan of the smarthome concept. Now because of the breakthrough in IOT technology he felt this is the right time to get into this business where he could offer his expertise in hi-tech and smart living to people and smartify their lifestyle.

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    Vinita (Co-Founder)

    Vinita is a fashion designer and home maker. She owns her fashion boutique in South Kolkata. Even though Vinita is a designer by profession but she always has shown flair for lastest digital technology, specially since she started to use android mobile since 2010. When she came to know about home automation technology from Jeet she just fell in love with it and installed the system in her own house. Very fast she realized this is how people are going to be living in future. As her friends say she has a sixth sense for business she quickly approached Jeet to Start this business together and take this lifestyle to thousands of people who are still unaware of it and Vizo Smarthomes came into existence.

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    Gopal (Co-Founder)

    Gopal is a successful entrepreneur who has an avid love for technology. Even though he never got time to take up a computer course but he always knew how to operate it and what are the possibilities of it. Gopal has an excellent sense of business and products and he also feels that our homes are going to get smarter and intelligent from now on and this is the right time to be in this business. His energy levels for this business is always soaring and at Vizo we call him the powerhouse because his energy levels are always an inspiration for all of our team to move fast and move steady. As he always says only three things you need to be successful in business. knowledge, common sense and a sense of urgency.