The fall brings such great traditions and lifestyle changes: the arrival of football, breathtaking foliage, cool weather and warm jackets.  The list goes on and on.  Of course, another fall tradition – not always a favorite of the kids – is going back to school.

Working full-time makes it difficult for parents and caregivers to know where everyone is and what family members are doing at any given moment.  That task becomes even more difficult during the school year, when kids’ schedules can become jam-packed and extremely chaotic.

Fear not: the smart home is here to help you.  Here are some of the ways in which smart home technology can be instrumental in keeping track of everyone’s whereabouts and keeping them – and your home safe.

Know their location

GPS tracking features in smart home systems allow you to know where your kids are at all times – when they left the house, when they arrived at school, when they returned home, and everywhere in between.

Know when doors/windows were opened

Door/Window sensors will tell you when the front door was opened, confirming the safe arrival of your kids at home.  These sensors can also be used to make sure your children are safe while inside the home as well: use them on medicine cabinets, gun safes, wine cellars, etc.

Know exactly who’s in the house

By integrating a camera with a home automation system, you’ll be able to receive images when motion is detected so you’ll know which kids arrived home, and if any friends tagged along with them.

Know when there’s a problem at home

With you at work and your kids at school, your home is empty a lot of the time.  A flood sensorcan alert you if a water pipe has burst before it causes too much damage.

A smart home truly does help you to stay connected to your family and the activity going on at home even when you aren’t there.

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